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Hello everybody! This is your host Gliderman! Everybody stay together and don't feed the gliders(until you visit the "Diet" section on my Glider Care Information Page). Above is Ecco, a sugar glider, snacking on a grape. I'll get started by explaining a few things about the wonderful little "pocket pets" known as sugar gliders. These marsupials, not rodents, are native to Australia where they will live in large social groups. Because these animals are so social they will easily bond to their owner as pets. Sugar gliders are usually gray with a white underside and a black stripe down their backs. They have long gray tails that have a black end. Females have pouches to carry the young where as males do not. Males have there special features however. Male gliders have a bold spot on their head which the females lack. This spot is a scent gland. Sugar gliders also have large black eyes. This is to help them see better at night, due to the fact that they are nocturnal. Well there is your introduction to my sugar glider site and to sugar gliders, you are now free to explore on your own. Have fun and happy gliding!

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